Sanitary Stainless Steel SS304/316L Pneumatic Actuator Clamped Diaphragm Valve

Get high-quality sanitary stainless steel pneumatic actuator clamped diaphragm valves from our factory. Available in SS304 and SS316L for superior performance.
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Low Pressure
Flow Direction
Electronic Type, Intelligent Type
Flow Control
Sealing Elements
Sealing Material (Option)
Pressure of Work
Working Temperature of EPDM
-20 to 135 Degree Celsius
Working Temperature of Vmq
-50 to 180 Degree Celsius
Sterilization Temperature
150 Degree Celsius (Max 20 Min)
Inside Surface Treatment
Ra Is More Than or Equal From 0.4 to 0.8 Mircomete
Surface Treatment
Ra Is More Than or Equal From 0.8 to 1.6 Mircomete
Transport Package
in Carton, Plywood Case
Wenzhou, China
HS Code
Production Capacity

Product Description

NUOMENG is able to provide solutions in terms of sanitary valves and pipeline engineering system for customers in different fields, including pharmaceutical and biotechnology, food and beverage, microelectronic and semiconductor as well as chemical industries.
Innovative Technology
Our products are widely applied in pharmaceutical, food and biotechnology fields. We set high standards for quality and devices designed, manufactured by or operated in our factory conform with the safety requirements in the aspect of sanitation and sterilization.
NUOMENG Technical Team tries to make sure that all necessary technical support is provided for every customer. To shorten the lead time, a countrywide distribution network and abundant inventories have been established. Meanwhile, we are constantly making improvements to optimize existing products and develop new products. Last but not the least, we are able to customize professional solutions according to different requirements of working conditions.
Surface Roughness
The standard requirement for the interior surface roughness of aseptic diaphragm valves is Ra ≤ 0.4 μm. But we can also realize Ra ≤ 0.8 μm and Ra ≤0.25 μm if customers have specific requirements. For forged products, the requirement of exterior surface roughness is not that rigorous. It only has to realize Ra ≤ 0.8 μm or Ra ≤ 0.4 μm.
All surfaces can be electropolished to even reduce the roughness.
Recent years have seen some great improvements in the purity and quality of food and pharmaceuticals in China, and more strict regulations and approval requirements have been established. We are proud to be a part to make those improvements happen.
If diaphragm valves are to be applied in pharmaceutical, semiconductor, microelectronic and new chemical industries, the valves have to be aseptic and stainless steel to make sure the media is extremely purified. Thus, aseptic stainless steel diaphragm valves, whose design enables them to sterilize and pasteurize the medium, can be applied to process WFI, ultra-purified chemicals, intermediate or final products in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and food industry.

NUOMENG is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and a motivated service team, thus our clients can always get the best services. Our years of experience and in-depth dialogues with factory operators allow us to continue to optimize the design of diaphragm valves and their individual components.
Elastic Diaphragm
The diaphragm is evenly fixed in PTFE with a screw. Compared to clamp connection, the biggest advantage of using a screw is that the screw transfers the force evenly to a large area of the flange, which prevents damage to the mechanical connection between diaphragms, especially under vacuum operating conditions. The elastic PTFE diaphragm facilitates an even flow and allows for subsequent replacement of the diaphragm yet without replacing the actuator.
Soft elastic diaphragm--- EPDM
Soft elastic diaphragm consists of a mixture of EPDM rubbers. The mixtures have been vulcanized so that the diaphragm can be safely used even at high media temperatures. The diaphragms are equipped with different technical characteristics depending on the mixture used and the processing conditions, such as the crosslinking process, vulcanization temperature and pressure. Soft elastic materials conforms to the following principle: the higher the temperature the load capacity, the shorter the service life and the smaller mechanical stress. Therefore, the temperature load and deformability of the diaphragm must be optimally adjusted to the actual application. Different structural designs are available to achieve this. Features of Soft Elastic Diaphragms include: in the event of mechanical contamination, passage of highly insensitive working media, such as cellular agglomerates, solid matter or catalytic solid matter, and slurries, generally does not affect the function of the valve or the sealing on the valve barrage. Different EPDM compounds can be selected based on different operating/sterilization temperature and chemical properties of the working media.
Our PTFE diaphragm (TFM1700) is known as the second-generation PTFE diaphragm. It offers maximum chemical resistance. Even under steam conditions, PTFE diaphragms wear much slower than soft elastomers. When the medium is hyperosmotic, a moderately larger bond is required for PTFE materials. Compared to normal diaphragms, PTFE diaphragms are softer and more elastic. Due to the higher rigidity of the work under high cyclic loads, the service life of the diaphragm may be shortened depending on the actual applications.
During the production of diaphragms, every process is strictly controlled. A random sampling of finished products completes a comprehensive testing cycle.
Raw materials are sourced only from selected suppliers, which are thoroughly tested in our in-house laboratory or external certification bodies. Raw materials are stored under controlled conditions.
We test diaphragms in our in-house test bench, including special cycle tests required in the pharmaceutical industry.
ifferent mounting positions and working conditions will require different valves or diaphragms. In particular, the chemical properties and temperatures of working media can lead to different interactions.
The diaphragm is a consumable part. They need to be inspected and replaced regularly, or it could cause malfunction, potentially leading to a dangerous situation. Please note: maintenance intervals for inspection and replacement of diaphragms are application dependent. Responsibilities must be considered when determining appropriate maintenance intervals, maintenance history, and stress placed on parts due to frequent sterilization or frequent cycling.
Due to natural aging of plastics and elastomers, we recommend observing storage conditions and closing off diaphragms, so that a maximum storage space and the service life of diaphragms can be guaranteed.
he temperatures specified above are the permissible temperature range of each diaphragm. The permissible temperature range of the valve must always be taken into account with the overall design of the valve. Please find the information in corresponding datasheets.
Indicated temperature values are independent of operating pressure and diaphragm size and are suitable for water and/or inert gases. When using steam or saturated steam, observe the steam pressure graph.

Sanitary Stainless Steel Clamped Diaphragm Valve with Stainless Steel Pneumatic Actuator 

RG diaphram valve is a series of sanitary diapgram valve, it is widely used on wine, dairy products, beverage, foodstuff industry, pharmacy etc. Achieving the requirement of control and open/close for the pipeline system.

Conncetion way: Clamp. Our company offers other types, such as weld, thread and so on.
Design standard: SMS. Our company offers other standard, such as 3A, DIN, ISO / IDF.

The parts of valve: an actuator, diaphragm and body which assemble together with bolts and nuts. Sanitary Stainless Steel Pneumatic Clamped Diaphragm Valve's actuator is pneumatic. The body is two way.

Steel components: Stainless steel 304, stainless 316L
Seal: EPDM+PTEE the seals are imported seal material (which conform to the FDA177.2600standard).

G05 Series
 Suitable for inert and corrosive liquid and gaseous media
• Valve body and diaphragm are available in a variety of materials
Insensitive to granular media
• Support CIP/SIP
 Some model can be pasteurized.
 The surface is electro-polished until roughness reaches 0.25μm.
Technical Parameters:
Operation Stainless steel piston actuator, with position indication
Body one-channel body, T-shaped body, tank bottom type body, multi-channel body
Body Material ASTM A351: CF3M ASTM A182: F316L   904L  2205  2507
  ASTM B564: C276  C22   GB/T 2965  TA2  TA10
Cap and Core Material ASTM A351  CF8
Connection Welded, Clamped & Flange
Operation Pressure DN4-DN60  PN8bar
Operation Temperature Dependent on diaphragm materials
Diaphragm Material EPDM+PTFE separate type: temperature range -10~135ºC; steam sterilization at 150ºC with no time duration limited.
  EPDM+PTFE compound type: temperature range -10~100ºC; steam sterilization at 135ºC with every cycle reaching 60min
  EPDM type: temperature range -10~100ºC; steam sterilization at 135ºC with every cycle reaching 60min
Medium-contacting inner surface roughness: ≤Ra0.4μm   ≤Ra0.25μm  
Failure position: when air supply is cut off, the valve is closed at FC position.
Pneumatic Connector: DN15-50 G1/8-6mm  DN65-80  G1/4-8mm  plastic connector
Action Type: pneumatic, air pressure 5-8bar  
Actuation Type: SS304 pneumatic piston (reset by a spring)
Optional Accessory 1:
Solenoid valve + air filter pressure-relief valve (plastic connector +PU air pipe)
Explosion-proof solenoid valve + air filter pressure-relief valve (pipe ferrule + stainless steel air pipe)
Optional Accessory 2: Double-Feedback Position Transmitter SP110
Optional Accessory 3: Position Transmitter SP112  P+F double feedback  ExiaIICT6  IP67 DC 8V
Optional Accessory 4: mechanical limit switch: could mechanically set to 100% open or 100% closed
Optional Accessory 5: 1500 Intelligent Valve Positioner: set input signal at 4-20mA and output signal at 4-20mA DC 24V
Optional Accessory 6: N6000 Intelligent Valve Positioner: set input signal at 4-20mA and output signal at 4-20mA DC 24V
Explosion-proof level: Ex ia IIC T4/T6 Ga     

Technical specification:

 Length diameter clamp  Length of Pneumatic
SMS19 118 19.05 50.5 76.0
SMS25  127 25.4  76.0
SMS32 146 31.8 85.0
SMS38 160 38.1 85.0
SMS51 190 50.8 64.0 102.0

The delivery depends on different machines with different configurations. Please contact us to confirm it is in stock or not.

We prefer to do 100% T/T (30% T/T in advance, 70% T/T before shipment)

The warranty period is general 13 months after B/L date. During the warranty period, we will provide free replacement parts (EXW) which are easy damaged. And also parts caused by machine itself quality problems. Meanwhile, the machine should be under normal operation according to Operation Manual.(Except for improper operation or man-made damaged by buyers)

Agents wanted:
We have strong partnerships in Europe, America, South America, India, Southeast Asia and South Africa. We also supply OEM service, and we are looking for agents in these areas. In the further, we want to develop NUOMENG to a global brand. Wherever you are from, we are looking forward to explore new market with you.

Sanitary Stainless Steel SS304/316L Pneumatic Actuator Clamped Diaphragm Valve

Sanitary Stainless Steel SS304/316L Pneumatic Actuator Clamped Diaphragm Valve
Sanitary Stainless Steel SS304/316L Pneumatic Actuator Clamped Diaphragm Valve Sanitary Stainless Steel SS304/316L Pneumatic Actuator Clamped Diaphragm Valve
Sanitary Stainless Steel SS304/316L Pneumatic Actuator Clamped Diaphragm Valve
Sanitary Stainless Steel SS304/316L Pneumatic Actuator Clamped Diaphragm Valve Sanitary Stainless Steel SS304/316L Pneumatic Actuator Clamped Diaphragm Valve Sanitary Stainless Steel SS304/316L Pneumatic Actuator Clamped Diaphragm Valve

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